Farayand Tajhiz Khavar rolls out new tradename and corporate identity

For years, we built and reinforced engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and project management capabilities to become the market major player for developing advanced hydraulic systems. It was time for communicating such a strategic move through a brand repositioning initiative.

We developed a new tradename and corporate identity to communicate the new brand essence. Our unique but still connected new tradename; Efteca (ef/te/ca) was generated innovatively. It is a kind of written pronunciation of the company’s former name’s abbreviation; FTK *. The previous logo which was initially created during the company’s inception in 2010, was retired and replaced with a solid logotype, and the corporate identity was energized with a red and grey color set. The website migrated into efteca.com with an entirely new look.

Brand strategy and corporate identity were developed and redesigned by an in-house team of strategy and design professionals within the past few months.

* The official company name; Farayand Tajhiz Khavar was formerly abbreviated into FTK and the website was ftkco.com

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